Eyes on the Beach, Boots in the Mud

Join    the    Crab    Team:    Help    Monitor    and Protect    Washington’s    Pocket    Estuaries Washington’s salt marshes and pocket estuaries are diverse and productive habitats, currently facing potential invasion by European green crabs (Carcinus maenas). Often listed among the world’s most problematic invasive … Read More

What about this one?

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A dozen eager ‘mycologists-maybe-to-be’ gathered in the woods with Dr. Fred Rhoades of Bellingham. We poked under and around and we found many, many fungi. Later, we sat on logs in a little clearing and Fred helped us identify mushrooms … Read More

SJNI Update on the Eclectic Lady

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On May 4, 2014 an intrepid crew smoothly sailed from Roche Harbor to and from Sucia Island.  We learned about the San Juan Nature Institute activities and had a wonderful lunch on Rikki Swin’s specatuclar yacht, Eclectic Lady.