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San Juan Nature Institute was one of eight members of the Stewardshipfair_1 Network to participate in the Green Village at the County Fair. We were located in a nice shady spot with fairly level ground to set out our Putt Putt course! Each member decorated a putt putt hole and a great deal of fun was had by all. Our theme was a salmon stream with riparian vegetation, an overhanging tree, rocks and a gravel bed and redd and Salmon eggs (orange beads) challenging our players to sink the ball into the hole without disturbing the ‘eggs’.

Laminated information sheets with explanations of the hazards were perhaps most appreciated by the adults accompanying their children, but we were enchanted to see one father sitting on the grass beside the ‘stream’ talking to his daughters about the ideal salmon habitat. We discovered that both girls intended to be scientists: one a marine biologist and one studying climate change.

fair_2Each session was supervised by one of the member groups and the responsibility was to recored visitors to the tents, to the putt putt course and to the activities scheduled throughout the week. This year, 1093 people visited the Village, 122 participated in the activities and 521 played mini golf.

Noreene Ignelzi, our marine educator, borrowed invertebrates from the Labs and had admiring groups of people during the two hour activity. Special dispensation to bring the Marine Invertebrate Transport onto the Fair Grounds made it very much easier to get our precious cargo back to the Labs.


New members of the Network were invited to test the experience by joining one of the booths for one day. hosted Nancy Maryboy and the Indigenous Education Institute on Saturday and were pleased with the interest in her displays.

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