Each winter the San Juan Nature Institute, in collaboration with UW Friday Harbor Labs, sponsors lectures as part of our program of public enlightenment on natural history aspects of our archipelago and other topics of particular interest.


Jacques White, Long Live the Kings, The Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

Derek Smith University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs. Shipwrecks: artificial habitats for marine communities.

Dr. Andrea Ogston, Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics,University of Washington. Update on the Elwha Project.

Dr. Alex Gagnon Department of Chemical Oceanography in the School of Oceanography, University of Washington Cold-Water Corals.

Kiko Johnston-Kiawa Hawaiian traditional boat builder/sailor Hawaiian Sailing Canoes: historic and contemporary use in the Pacific Northwest



Dr Nancy Maryboy, Dr Laura Peticolas, geophysicist, Dr Verlie Ann Malina-Wright: Sharing the Skies – a cross cultural view of the stars.

Dr. Stephen Ellis, University of Washington, Physics, Higgs Boson

John and Colleen Marzluff, University of Washington, Biology, Dog Days, Raven Nights

Dr Deborah Kelley, University of Washington, Oceanography,  Underwater eruptions and life on the largest volcano off the coast of Washington.



Dr. Jan Newton, Principal Oceanographer with the Applied Physics Lab at UW, Ocean Acidification.

Dr Patricia Morse University of Washington, Japan Day by Day in the Footsteps of Edward Sylvester Morse

George Dyson, author, Project Orion Saturn by 1970 – What went wrong?

Dr. Eric Adelberger, Professor Emeritus University of Washington, Hidden extra dimensions and short distance gravity”.



Dr Thor Hanson local naturalist and free lance author, Feathers-an evolutionary miracle.

Drs. Victoria Foe and Garrett Odell , University of Washington, How cells divide



Dr Peter Ward, UW Departments of Biology and Earth and Space Science. Sea level, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen sulphide: choose your future poison

Dr Emily Carrington, Biology Department, UW. The ecomechanics of rocky intertidal organisms: the material world of mussels.

Dr Charley O’Kelly, UW Friday Harbor Labs. Biofuels.

Dr Gordon Orians, Biology Department, UW. Decision-making in Blackbirds.



Dr Adam Summers, Assistant Director, UW Friday Harbor Labs. Sticky Fish and Bullet Proof Sharks

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, Evergreen State College. The importance of Rainforest Canopies to researchers, rap singers, preachers and prisoners!

Dr, George Hunt, School of Aquatic and Fisheries Science, UW. Seasonal sea ice cover and the production of walleye Pollock in the Bering Sea: Implications of global warming.

Dr Josh Tewksbury, Department of Biology, UW. The decline and RISE of natural history.



Dr. Eric Adelberger, Dept. of Physics, UW. Testing Einstein’s Happiest Idea by Watching Things Fall Sideways

Dr William Calvin, Department of Patholgy, UW. Our Climate Fix Must Be Big and Quick.

Dr Donald Brownlee, Professor of Astronomy, UW. Stardust- what we found by studying samples of a comet from the edge of the Solar System

Dr David Montgomery, Professor, Geomorphology, UW. Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations.



Dr. Val Veirs, Professor of Physics, Colorado College, Sounds & Sound Transmissions in the Sea

Dr. John Delaney, Professor of Oceanography, UW. At the Leading Edge of an Environmental Renaissance.

George Dyson, author , von Neumann’s Universe,

Dr. Anthony Blau, Professor of Medicine, Hematology, Adjunct Professor of Genome Sciences, UW. Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.

Kathy Fletcher, Director, People for Puget Sound, co-sponsored with The Whale Museum. Marine Stewardship: State of the Sound & San Juans.



Dr. Eric Horvitz, Principal Researcher and Research Area Manager, Microsoft. Machines that Learn and Reason: Advances, Opportunities, and Challenges

Dr. Samuel K. Wasser, Department of Biology. Research Professor and Endowed Chair in Conservation Biology, “Using DNA to Track the Illegal Ivory Trade

Dr. Kenneth Sebens, Director, UW Friday Harbor Labs., Department of Biology. A Swan Song for Coral Ensembles? The Present and Future of Corals and Coral Reefs.

Dr. Ray Hilborn, Professor, School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, UW. The crisis in American fisheries: defining the problem and moving to solutions.



Dr. Stephen Porter, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, UW. Glacial Lake Missoula and the Scabland Flood: The geologic event

that literally swept across the Pacific Northwest.

Mr. William Ruckelshaus. Madrona Venture Group, Seattle Environmental Policy and Public Involvement

Dr. Julie Stein, Director of the Burke Museum, University of Washington Kennewick Man.

Dr. Chris Amemiya, Benaroya Research Institute, Virginia Mason Hospital Coelacanths – Forerunners of Four Legs

Dr. Arthur Kruckeberg, Professor Emeritus of Biology, UW Ecology of San Juan Forests. The impact of soil types and geology on the nature and diversity of plants in these forests.



Dr. Brian Atwater, USGS, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, UW. The orphan Tsunami of 1700: Japanese clues to a North American earthquake.

Dr. Don Brownlee, Department of Astronomy, UW. Stardust – Wild Encounter with a Comet.

Dr. Nathan Mantua, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, UW. This lecture will describe causes for changes in Earth climate, impacts of climate change in the Pacific Northwest, evidence concerning global warming, and what humans might do to alter the future of Earth’s climate.

Dr. John Findlay, Chair, Department of History, UW. The odyssey of Lewis and Clark was preceded by great maritime explorations to this region beginning with the 16th Century.



Mr. Bill Holm, Professor and curator emeritus, Burke Museum, UW. The Northwest Coastal Indian Art

Dr. Richard Strathmann, Department of Biology, Associate Director UW Friday Harbor Labs. The structure and ecology of marine invertebrate larvae

Dr. Dennis Willows, Department of Biology, Director UW Friday Harbor Labs The geomagnetic sense in marine invertebrates.

Dr. Thomas Daniel, Chair of Department of Biology, UW. Computer modeling of the evolution of form in marine snail shells.

Dr. George von Dassow, UW Friday Harbor Labs, and Department of Biology, UW. Imaging of molecules that direct division of cells and formation of tissues in marine embryo.



Dr. Terry Swanson, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, UW. The origin of these islands and the glaciations that have shaped them.

Dr. Wayne Suttles, Portland State University. The cultural anthropology of the Indians who have lived here.

Dr. Alexandra Harmon, American Indian Studies Center, UW. The impacts of introduction of Caucasians; treaties and tribal status.

Dr. Julie Stein, Department of Anthropology, UW. The Prehistory of humans who first came to these islands.



Dr. Debbie Kelley, Department of Oceanography, UW. The nature and biology of volcanic rifts in our oceans.

Dr. Victoria Foe, Department of Zoology and UW Friday Harbor Labs. Analyzing the processes and mechanisms of cell division and movement in embryos by new imaging techniques.

Dr. John Blinks, Mayo Institute (retired) and UW Friday Harbor Labs. Study of cellular processes using photoproteins from jellyfish.

Dr. Dennis Willows, Department of Zoology, UW and Director UW Friday Harbor Labs. Giant nerve cells in the brain of seaslugs.



Dr. Robert Paine, Department of Zoology, UW. Shapes of local marine intertidal communities.

Dr. Craig Hogan, Departments of Physics and Astronomy, UW. Nature of the Cosmos.

Dr. Peter Ward, Department of Geology, UW. The ancient and future history of mass extinctions of organisms.



`Dr. Terrie Klinger, UW Friday Harbor Labs, UW. Marine currents in the San Juan Archipelago

Dr. Nathan Mantua, Atmospheric Science, UW. Climatology of the Pacific NW.

Dr. Ralph Haugerud, USGS and Department of Geology, UW. The geological structure of the Puget Sound basin.

Dr. Donald Brownlee, Department of Astronomy, UW. Potential forlife in the cosmos.